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WHEN do we split invitations?

Our dear ones, brides and brides! WHEN do we share invitations? This is a question we get very often lately. Many couples think they should invite guests when everything is already known and 100% ready. As a result, guests receive an invitation only on the eve of the wedding and, unfortunately, they can no longer accept it. A wedding invitation is a “reservation” of a date in your guest calendar, but also the answer to the question of where to start preparing for Wedding. Try to invite your relatives and friends to the wedding as early as possible. Even when, you only know the date of the holiday and the location.Perfect is to send an invitation 3-7 months before the wedding. Thus, guests will be able to pre-plan the program of the holidays, personal affairs, but also the holidays, taking into account your holiday.More than this you will save time and moral force by not making the guest lists several times.I hope for preparations to have !!!

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